Amanda Carroll

Amanda Carroll

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Amanda Carroll is a radio host, writer, and communicator. Throughout her career she has walked through the doors of heritage Christian radio stations including the national network, K-LOVE, 89.3 KSBJ-Houston, and 91.9 WGTS. She has most recently worked for Adult Contemporary Mix 96.1 in Sacramento.

She loves to make listeners smile on the radio every day, and to encourage others through her blogs and speaking engagements to live a strong and courageous life. Amanda adopted the phrase "Get Your Brave On" ten years ago when she became a single mother of 3. She calls them her Sunshines.

She explains, "I was full of fear, when I entered Single Motherhood, but I knew God wanted me to move forward bravely for my family. She now runs a website and podcast called to inspire others to embrace failure and learn how to practice the art of bravery.


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