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Phil Wickham - "This is Amazing Grace" (Unplugged in-studio)

When you have an artist the caliber of Phil Wickham visit your studios, you HAVE to ask him to perform his mega-hit worship song, "This is Amazing Grace."  We love the new arrangement he does with the song!

Music Review: Memorable Music Fills Tenth Avenue North's "Cathedrals"

Beyond expectations and innovations, Cathedrals is even better later as the lyrics get more transparent and conversational.

Music Review: Newsboys Bring Beloved Hymns to a New Generation of Fans

The Newsboys’ latest project, Hallelujah for the Cross, will transport many listeners to the churches of their youth. For others, this album will allow them to experience these songs for the first time.

Music Review: Chris Tomlin Paints a Story in "Love Ran Red"

If Burning Lights was Chris Tomlin’s up-tempo dance record, then his latest effort, Love Ran Red, is his ballad collection.

‘Tis the Season for Something Different on Shust’s "Unto Us"

Instead of recording the usual standards, Shust decided to eschew tradition and try something different by writing and recording 10 new tracks instead.

Music Review: No Sinking Feelings in "Anchor"

Despite his alternative hairstyle, Dixon can also speak to the more traditional faith-based listener.

Crowder Finds his Footing in "Neon Steeple"

Neon Steeple is comforting and challenging: everything we came to expect from one of music’s most cerebral personas.

Music Review: "God's Not Dead" Soundtrack Works, but Not Hard

There’s something so “ancillary” and rush-jobbed about the God’s Not Dead soundtrack that lowers its final grade

Music Review: "Hope for All the World" is Safe, but Still Fun

Diehard fans of adult contemporary/praise & worship trio Phillips, Craig & Dean may recognize Hope for all the World.

Review: Promising Parables Found in Switchfoot's "Fading West"

Christian rock-umentary serves as a touching lesson on the natures of faith, family, and life in the midst of change.

Music Review: Newsboys' "Restart" Needs No Do-Over

Restart is a solid set of faith-affirming songs for diehard fans and will be a good alternative for younger listeners who like mainstream pop.

Music Review: Steven Curtis Chapman Delivers a "Glorious Unfolding"

In itself, Steven Curtis Chapman’s The Glorious Unfolding may be the best testament to the message it carries.

"Evening:Morning" A New Beginning

The former members of the David Crowder Band have re-banded and come out with their own new album.  Is it also their own sound, or David Crowder re-visited?  Check out the review!

Music Review: Aaron Shust, "Morning Rises"

Aaron Shust Showcases His Diversity on Morning Rises

Music Review: David Crowder Band, "All This for a King" May Not Be Enough

These guys certainly merit a hit retrospective, but All This feels more like a misguided, industry-driven placeholder release.

Music Review: Matt Maher, "All The People Said Amen"

Amen Meets with Approval

Music Review: Josh Wilson, "Carry Me"

Even though Carry Me doesn't quite qualify as groundbreaking or fillerless, it is still an engaging, thought-provoking, and ultimately, an uplifting collection of songs.

Music Review: "Made" Makes Hawk Nelson Fly

Canadian band Hawk Nelson says it has a new punk-Christian sound after its original lead vocalist, Jason Dunn, left.

Music Review: Brandon Heath, "Blue Mountain"

Something about this fictional locale pulls a person’s thinking toward God’s undiluted truth.
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