"Stump Day Question" Answers

Every Wednesday Len and Sara get you over the hump with a Stump Day question.

Listen Wednesday mornings at 7:15 for the Stump Day question. Call The Fish lines with your answer at 866-525-0955.

Previous Stump Day questions and answers:

March 23rd - Q: It takes the average woman 45% longer than men to do this ______________. Answer: Order from a menu

March 15th - Q: These go unused over 90% of the time. What is it? Answer: Instructions

March 8th - Q: We don’t want it to happen but this will happen to 1 out of 10 of us today? Answer:  We'll spill something on ourselves.

March 1st - Q: On average, it takes less than 5 seconds to do this. What is it? Answer: Determine if you like a song.

February 22nd - Q: 70% of us own one, but don't use it for it's original purpose.... Answer: Garage

February 15th - Q: According To A Study, This Is The Number One Pet Peeve Of Dads. AnswerLeaving the lights on

February 1st - Q: 75% of us did this growing up, but now less than half of us do this _____. Answer: Eat together as a family at the table. 

January 25th - Q: Nearly 80% of people say THIS makes them feel they have their life together. Answer: Clean Car

January 18th - Q: This happens to men 75% more often than it does women? Answer: They get angry watching sports

January 4th - Q: Nearly 30% say it's rude for a house guest to ask this ___________________.  Answer: WIFI password


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