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The Tomb Was Empty!

How adorable!!  You've GOT to take a look as this adopted brother and sister put together the cutest telling of the Easter story you'll ever see! 

Kudos to this family for putting this wonderful presentation together!

What Do We Know about Jesus' Tomb?

After Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross, He was placed in a tomb from which He would rise three days later.  Therefore, the tomb - or Jesus' rising from it - is a central event in the Christian faith.

So let's take a good look at what writers and witnesses both said about the tomb. 

Elevate Your Easter Brunch

If you’ll be hosting friends and family to honor Easter this year, make your gathering as simple as it is scrumptious with a decadent brunch menu.

Here are some scrumptious and simple recipes that are sure to be a hit for your holiday!

10 Easter Movies for the Whole Family

As you prepare your heart to receive the Resurrection, may you enjoy some fellowship and family time this Easter season.

And if you’re looking for some Easter movies your whole family can experience together, here are some ideas...

Make Easter 'Eggstra' Special

Check out these fun egg dyeing tips to inspire simple moments of connection and creativity in your kids.

5 Ways to Celebrate Easter Without the Easter Bunny

Many of us have wonderful memories of Easter morning - baskets full of chocolate, egg hunts, and new church dresses. Those traditions are well and good, but what about the real event we are celebrating? Do our children even know why we have a day called Easter?

Here are 5 ways to celebrate in a whole new way; 5 ways to make meaningful memories—without even one mention of the Easter Bunny!

Undertanding the History and Symbols of Easter

Easter is filled with traditions we observe year after year. But what are the origins of these traditions? Some have come from very unlikely places! Find out more!

What Color Was Jesus?

There’s a question that lingers in the minds of some people, a question often stirred up by racial tension, political debate, or for historical accuracy. What color was Jesus? 

Where's what we know, and the importance of it. 

Easter - Its Meaning, History, & Holiday Symbols Explained

A comprehensive index that answers questions like:  Where did "Easter" come from? When was it first celebrated? What Does Easter mean?  Where did non-Christian symbols like the Easter Bunny come from?

We Are Easter People Living in a Good Friday World

A Good Friday world is a world full of suffering, questioning, unfairness, trouble, mistakes, hurts, losses and grief.

But that's not the end of the story!

10 Beautiful Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home This Year

We may be battling unprecedented burdens for our generation, but our hope is set firmly in what has already been accomplished by Jesus’ saving work on the cross …and resurrection.

Video: Jonny Diaz, "Beauty of the Cross" Easter Devotional

Jonny Diaz ("More Beautiful You") shares his heart about Easter; observing how God turned something as horrible as a crucifix into an object of beauty and new life.

Bring Christian History Alive through Easter Egg Traditions

Many families simply have fun with Easter eggs, adding a bit of colorful joy to the holiday. But by using eggs to celebrate Easter, you can teach your children something much more profound: that they are part of a faith that connects all believers with God!

Sara's Recipe of the Week - Paleo Carrot Cake with Almond Flour

Carrot cake that is fluffy, yummy and so easy. You have to try this.

Easter Traditions

Many of the traditions that our families hold dear have their roots in treasured spiritual expressions. Take a closer look at the elements that we now identify so closely with this special holiday.

10 Lenten Traditions to Enrich Your Family's Easter Celebration

As believers, we wanted our relationship with Christ to be part of our family's daily life - not just Sunday only. Traditions provide vivid impressions on children which parents can build year after year...

Easter Gifts that Inspire: Children's Gifts That Encourage Creative Play

Easter can become a real sugar-coated occasion. Instead of giving your child sugar-laden marshmallow chicks and giant chocolate bunnies, use this special holiday as a way to give better-for-you gifts that stimulate their little brain and inspire creativity.

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