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To Fly or To Drive

I was lunching with a friend of mine the other day and he was lamenting about his next travel adventure. He wasn’t sure where he wanted to go, but he knew he wanted to get away and he wanted to take his girlfriend. I sat there almost dumbfounded as I realized this was a real issue for him. It was as if he was out of ideas! But at that moment I also remember this issue is an issue for many of us from time to time. We almost get paralysis because we simply want our next vacation to be worth our time and hard-earned money. I totally understand that. As the 2022 Holiday season is fast-approaching you may be looking beyond the horizon and thinking about your vacation plans for 2023. The sooner you start thinking about those trips, the sooner you can begin passively researching with enough runway to get a great deal. 

One of the questions I suggest you ask yourself (and discuss with others) is whether you wish to drive or fly to your next vacation. Start with this fundamental question and play out a few different scenarios on both sides. Once you make that decision, then you can begin to hone in on big key decisions…picking the flight or picking the hotel. We shall revisit this idea in the coming weeks. Have a fantastic week and I’ll see you in line at security!

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