Logos Bookstore in Kent - Book Signing

Join Edie Bowman, author of “God In Every Moment - Nothing Is Off Limits,” and Deborah Markowitz Solan, author of “Chesed (Mercy) - A Jewish Woman’s Discovery of God’s Mercy,” at a Book Signing on Saturday, May 21, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Logos Bookstore in Kent.
Edie's memoir shares moments of her life through short stories, quotes, poetry, words of wisdom, and comedy. "God is present in every moment of our lives, she said, "if we acknowledge Him."
The stories of four generations of Jewish women who accepted Yeshua, the Messiah, as their Savior and Lord, fill the pages of Deborah's book. She shares how God's goodness and mercy pursue each of us throughout our lives.
Edie's and Deborah's books share common themes of love, pain, sorrow, grace, forgiveness, and hope. They desire to demonstrate how faith can be a strong and unifying factor for all people.
For More Information, go to Kentlogos.com or call Logos at 330 673 6099.


Logos Bookstore of Kent
976 W Main St
Kent, OH 44240
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