Christian Community School

35716 Royalton Rd
North Eaton, Ohio 44044
(440) 748-6224

Half-Off Tuition: K - 2nd Grade

Half-Off Tuition: 3rd - 5th Grade

In all that we do and say, we strive to represent Jesus Christ, His love, and His teachings.  We are not affiliated with a particular denomination or church; rather, we represent a variety of Christian backgrounds, churches, and denominations.  Biblical values such as service, obedience, compassion, prayer, discipline, worship, and love are taught and reinforced daily.

In a culture where healthy relationships are being eroded, CCS stands strong as a place where students develop genuine relationships with their teachers, peers, coaches, and other parents.  In addition, entire families are warmly encouraged to become involved, invest in relationships with each other, and offer their hearts and abilities to the fabric of our school.

Since 1994, CCS has given a strong liberal arts education for grades K-12.  Highly qualified, experienced teachers invest themselves into small classes where an impressive variety of core and extracurricular subjects are taught.  Athletics and fine arts offer amazing opportunities outside the classroom for students of all abilities.

As a support to evangelical Christian families, the mission of Christian Community School is to provide an academically excellent, biblically integrated education which promotes Christ-like character, preparing students to serve God and impact their world for Christ.

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