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CCAirwaves Podcast

Welcome to CCAirwaves! Our hosts, Paige Muttillo and Joel Hansel, provide informational and inspirational segments that will help you work through grief in a healthy way, learn more about our Catholic faith, and much more. CCAirwaves is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other streaming platforms.


The Bullington Capital Report Podcast

3875 Embassy Parkway, Suite 310, Fairlawn, Ohio 44333
(330) 664-0700 | bullingtoncapital.com

Our focus tends to be on investment/retirement planning, or what I like to call financial freedom planning. It’s planning to have enough money so that you don’t have to cut back on your lifestyle if you decide to quit working or do something else with the rest of your life. Whatever you’d like to do, we’ll try to help figure out how much money you’ll need and then develop the plan to get you there. Once your plan is in place we’ll monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary to keep your plan on track.

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Financial Food For Thought Podcast

16600 Sprague Road, Suite 445, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
(440) 239-2090 | financialfoodforthought.com

Many people whether they are working or already in retirement are concerned about possible future tax increases, inflation, market volatility, rising health care costs and the long term impact on their financial life. At The Estate Planning Team, we help people know what steps to take and strategies to use to protect your long term financial stability and use the opportunities in the complicated tax code and address people’s concerns through objective unbiased advice and analysis. (traditional financial planners not investment advisors)

The Estate Planning Team, Inc. is a fee based Ohio Registered fiduciary planning firm that has been helping people in the Great Cleveland for over 35 years! We have both affordable hourly and affordable comprehensive retainer fees! Learn what you can do and contact The Estate Planning Team, Inc. at (440) 239-2090, [email protected] or visit www.financialfoodforthought.com.

Schedule a Free No obligation consultation by phone or in person with free preliminary analysis to see you can benefit from our affordable services! Fish listeners will receive a 10% discount off retainer fees or 2 bonus hours off hourly planning options by June 30, 2023

We build custom long term realistic conservative financial plans and objective analysis for specific financial issues! Our clients know what they can spend without running out of money, create income needed as tax efficiently as possible and address financial challenges and concerns. Although we don’t do investments (our clients either do investing on their own or we work with their existing investment advisor), we look at assets in terms of Risk, Growth & Tax Efficient, how much risk should the be taking to accomplish their financial goals and are they taking on too much or not enough. Sometimes people need help with pension election analysis, timing of social security, Cash flow planning, Roth Contribution & Conversion Planning & Tax Efficient Distribution Planning from IRAs, Company plans or similar assets as well as Long term care planning and more. Helping people solve problems, save money and use the opportunities in the complicated tax code!

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Community Health Care Podcast

Community Health Care was founded in 1986 by Rodney K Ison, MD in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Dedicated to caring for the citizens of Canal Fulton and surrounding areas, Community Health Care quickly expanded adding Norton Family Practice the same year. Over the past 32 years, Community Health Care has grown and developed into a seventeen practice, multi-specialty organization. Our primary focus continues to be family practice but CHCI also has specialty areas which include Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Occupational and Physical Therapy. Dedicated to population health, CHCI has grown to care for communities across 4 counties - Medina, Summit, Stark, and Wayne.

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