Zach Williams is Inspired

Fans across the country have been inspired by the music of Zach Williams.  His song, “Fear is a Liar” is calling on the Church to see fear for what it is and to rise up to overcome it. 

As much as this song has inspired others, Zach is the first to admit [via his social media] how inspired he is by those who share their stories with him. He says: 

I'm inspired to hear how the Lord has used this song to encourage ya'll. God is good! Thank you for taking the time to share your stories with me. My team and I are praying for you!

And that last sentence is absolutely true! Zach’s team does pray for his fans and listeners. A quick scroll through his official FaceBook page shows the heart of Zach and his team following up with comments of encouragement and prayer. You’ll find tragic stories of loss and suffering met with the hope found in Zach’s songs of faith and shared to encourage others.

Meanwhile, Zach gives us a quick look at the filming of a new official music video for "Fear Is a Liar".  How do you make a hit song even bigger?  Make it into a powerful music video...

Zach makes no secret of his faith saying, “Please don't wait another minute, make the decision today to follow Christ. I wish I would've done it 20 years ago. While he’s new to making his way in the contemporary Christian music world, he’s not new to being a musician.

From a rock and roll life traveling with various bands throughout the years, Zach was plucked from that life and now writes music to inspire others. His album reaches those who have been in a place of suffering looking for redemption, hope, survival, and strength.

We look forward to hearing more music and testimony from Zach. And he looks forward to hearing from you. Visit his Facebook page and share your story with him!

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