Casting Crowns, "One Step Away" Video

We bring you an Exclusive World Premiere music video!  This is the official featurette video of "One Step Away" from Casting Crowns - with complete lyrics!

'One Step Away' - Casting Crowns .

"One Step Away" is from the group's 15th release and eighth studio album since they first started with this label in 2003. With more than 9 million records sold, the band currently holds the position as Billboard's top-selling act in Christian music since 2007.

With origins in Atlanta, Casting Crowns began in, serves in and continues to be rooted in the local church. It is at the local level that they are walking along with people in ministry and where the inspiration for albums are formed.

"Because we have the honor of walking with people in our churches, we get to see what people are going through - the issues that are impacting everyone now," shares front man Mark Hall. "It is in these situations that ideas are born for what we all need to hear right here right now."

The album from which "One Step Away" comes from, The Very Next Thing is full of intimate songs as well as upbeat, fresh sounding tracks that will meet the listener with lyrics that impact with a strong message song after song.

Hall shares the inspiration behind the new album and title. "We are all in different stages of 'next.' There's a next step from where you are right now. We all feel like there's a stage that we have to reach to move on to what is next - but God has you right here right now for your 'next,' and all of these songs touch on that idea."

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