The Making of We Are Messengers' 'Maybe It's Okay'

Music video budgets have skyrocketed to the point where you think they're mini motion pictures.  But We Are Messengers' Darren Mulligan tells how his powerful video for "Maybe It's Okay" came about, not only on a shoestring budget, but in about a day's time - to make an amazing impact.

Darren stated in his Twitter, "So many people turn out to [the filming of the video].  And they were friends and friends-of-friends.  And they had heard the song just hours before.  And they came to the video shoot, and it was amazing!  They're sitting there crying, and they're telling us, 'This is my song; how did you know this is my song?' And that's how I know the song matters when you say it's your song."

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