I Am They - 'Faithful God' (Official Music Video

The first single from I Am They's October 2020 album, aptly titled “Faithful God,” expresses the times of confusion familiar to all of us in the age of COVID; times when you aren’t sure what next step to take.  But, just as quickly, confirmation comes that shows, God hasn’t let go. The story isn’t over.

“That’s what people have connected to with I Am They, for being real," shares singer Abbie Parker. "We’ve always been upfront with the difficult things we’re facing. The trust that we’ve built helps us be vulnerable with each other and within our songs.”

Refresh your own trust in God as you watch "Faithful God" from I Am They...

"Faithful God" Lyrics:
I am surrounded
On every side, can’t see the light of day
But I am persuaded
Beyond all hope, You won’t let go of me
I stake my claim
On every word You say
You will not be late

I will sing through fire and thunder
Cause You are on my side
I trust You with my life
I know my story, it isn’t over
Even against all odds
You are a faithful God
That’s who You are
You are a faithful God

The darkest of weather
Though I can’t see, I still believe You’re good So I’m moving forward
Through crashing waves, I know I’m safe with You
You hold my life
You hear my cry
With every breath inside

I am convinced
That Your promises will hold together
And I will dwell
In the hope of Your love forever

(Matthew Hein, Abbie Parker, Colby Wedgeworth)
© 2020 I Am They Publishing / Be Essential Songs (BMI) (admin. at EssentialMusicPublishing.com); IAMTHEYSONGS / All Essential Music (ASCAP) (admin. at EssentialMusicPublishing.com); Capitol CMG Genesis / Colby Wedgeworth Designee (ASCAP) (admin. at CapitolCMGPublishing.com)

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