Hannah Kerr is Married!

Hannah Kerr, the singer who gave us the songs, "Warrior" and "Split the Sea", is now married!  Hannah wed her guitarist, Jason Earley, on March 29 at Graystone Quarry, near Nashville, Tennessee.

For all the joy that a wedding can bring a couple, for Hannah, the event had to take a drastic new turn.  The wedding was originally planned to include a large reception with friends and family in attendance.  But, as the COVID-19 virus infiltrated our society and caused cancellations of all kinds, the couple had to make alternate arrangements – and new mindsets about what a wedding is for.

Photo credit: facebook.com/pg/HannahKerrMusic/

“It’s been a hard few weeks, friends”, Hannah told fans on her Facebook page. “The world is in chaos and everything feels kind of heavy right now. Because of all the craziness, Jason and I have had to change all of our wedding plans several times over. The dream wedding that we planned with all the guests, amazing food, dancing, my bridesmaids, his groomsmen, our family and friends will have to wait for 6 more months...On Sunday we’re going to elope with just our immediate family there and become husband and wife anyway. As sad as it’s been moving everything and canceling our plans, there have been so many little blessings along the way, and we’re still SO excited! Because we’re getting married!! In 3 days!!”

But the change in plans has also given Hannah a chance to reflect on what a wedding ceremony symbolizes; giving her new reason to be thankful for how things were turning out as is.  “God has taught me so much in this process about HIS glory and HIS purposes. Weddings and marriage were never about the party—it was always about God’s presence and the fact that we can join in a covenant with HIM by joining with each other. I believe that God is already turning this story of sadness and confusion into a story of beauty and sweetness; we’re just holding tightly to each other and to the promises of God while it gets there. I love you @jason.earley and I can’t wait to be your wife in 3 days.”

Our best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Earley!

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