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Jeremy Camp - "Same Power" (Official Music Video)

In response to a challenging time in his life while on tour overseas, Jeremy Camp penned this song which lifts up the power of God, which is available in our lives each day!

Watch the official music video of "Same Power" - interposed with devotional thoughts from Jeremy!

Building 429 - "Impossible" (Official Lyric Video)

It's the song that is breaking records for Building 429 ("Where I Belong") - with the most radio stations adding it to their airplay of any of the group's previous songs!

Here's the cool retro official lyric video of "Impossible"!

WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO: John Tibbs - "Dead Men Walking" (Official Music Video)

We bring you another exclusive world premiere music video!  Introducing worship leader and songwriter John Tibbs, whose bluesy soulful voice is the perfect vehicle for his first single, "Dead Men Walking". 
Here is the official music video - an exclusive world premiere!

Sidewalk Prophets - "Prodigal" (Official Music Video)

Sidewalk Prophets comes on strong with this music video for their hit single, "Prodigal".  Shot during a hot summer day in Nashville TN, the song and video proclaim a clear message of restoration and forgiveness.  

Plumb - "Exhale" (Official Music Video)

Having come through great personal struggles in her life, Plumb ("Need You Now") is now in a place of rejoicing, healing, and discovery.  From this season, she pens this song, "Exhale", from the album by that same name. 

Here's the official music video for "Exhale"!

Casting Crowns, "Broken Together" (Official Music Video)

It's been called one of Casting Crowns' most moving songs in a long time. The song calls us to a place of broken humility in marriage as the only way to keep that love lasting a lifetime.

Here's the official music video for Casting Crowns' "Broken Together"

TobyMac, "Beyond Me" (Official Lyric Video)

TobyMac's single, "Way Beyond Me" is the product of the singer's own prayers; asking God to create something in his life that's way beyond what he could humanly do.  Let it be our prayer as well, that God would do something in our lives that's way beyond what we could think, do, or imagine.

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