The Masculinity Manifesto by Ryan Michler


Men are not the enemy, and masculinity, contrary to what much of popular culture would have you believe, is the solution to what plagues individuals, families, and society as a whole.

You are hardwired to be masculine and you should not be ashamed of it. Society needs you to be the best version of your masculine self you can be. Unfortunately, our culture no longer honors masculinity, and for the past several decades the government, academia, and the medical community have been promoting a false and even dangerous ideal of watered-down manliness.

Enter author, combat veteran, and popular podcast host Ryan Michler. Raised without a permanent father figure, he knows firsthand how a lack of strong, ambitious, self-sufficient men has damaged society. Many of the world’s most complicated and challenging problems could be resolved if men became more capable husbands, fathers, businessmen, and community leaders.

The Masculinity Manifesto is a step by-step guide to restoring masculinity in a culture that works tirelessly to eradicate it.

 "I know what it's like to live a life that is the antithesis of a fulfilled one. And I know what needs to happen to pull yourself from the depths of despair or, at a minimum, from a deep, unyielding sense of inadequacy." 
        —RYAN MICHLER, Author

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