Music Review: In Christ Alone - Modern Hymns of Worship


Certain collaborative projects seem like such a natural extension of the artists involved that you have to wonder why they haven't worked together before. Then there are some, like In Christ Alone, combining acoustic songstress Bethany Dillon with Matt Hammitt, (lead vocalist for Sanctus Real) that feel forced and more a commercial pairing created with dollar signs in mind rather than artistry.

In Christ Alone energizes a dozen British hymns written in the last decade or so with Dillon and Hammitt largely taking turns with lead vocals. Dillon seems more at home in these waters, but both come off just fine. But perhaps that's the problem.

This is not a bad album, but it's not necessarily good either. The Tim Hughes/Martin Smith collaboration "Clinging to the Cross" leads off the disc on a darker note and, with a buoyant string arrangement, is one of the best tracks on In Christ Alone. The title track follows with deep, punching percussion that drives the familiar song forward. But others like "Jesus is Lord" and "Adoration" are largely forgettable.

While there are some gems here, there are stronger artistic arrangements and collaborations than In Christ Alone available for your worship gatherings.

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